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The aluminium windows are modern, durable and power saving solutions which are slowly conquering home-building. They are extremely easy to handle and don’t require maintenance. Metal elements can be recycled in almost 100 percent therefore they are environmentally friendly. Aluminium is a material that is resistant to various weather conditions. The multi-chamber aluminium profiles are filled with the latest thermal insulation materials, thanks to which the windows achieve very favorable parameters. Due to the plasticity of the aluminium material, very narrow profiles can be produced which allow the surface area of ​​the sheet to be increased, thus ensuring the maximum influx of sunlight.
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Aluminium front doors are the basic elements of the minimal style properties. For these clean designed doors both the door panel and the profile are made in a heat bridge-free design so it is a compromise-free solution not only in terms of appearance but also in terms of thermal insulation. Our aluminium entrance doors and aluminium portals must meet high requirements. It is very important to open and close the doors easily and impeccably, even in heavy foot traffic. They must also meet safety requirements, which include fire protection, smoke control, escape routes, and they place special emphasis on burglary safety. Last but not least, the aesthetic appearance is also important to fit any architectural environment. System accessories, fittings and handles guarantee the good appearance and high quality.
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Sliding systems

The sliding doors, thanks to their large opening surface, connect the garden to the living space. There are various opening options of aluminium sliding systems, for example, they can be asymmetric, or they can be multi-slide doors which can be stacked against each other or tucked away out of sight into a wall pocket. These options give designers and our customers even greater freedom. Sliding door systems make it possible to have large transparent windows from floor to ceiling. Even with large glass surfaces, you do not have to give up the right thermal insulation. Thanks to the professional hardware manufacturers, moving large glass weights is easy, so using triple glazing on large surfaces is no longer a dream. If you want to just press a button or tap your phone to open the door, we recommend our motorized sliding mechanisms.
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Curtain wall systems

Curtain walls are one of the most important elements of design for a facade. The aluminium curtain wall is an element that determines the face and appearance of buildings and they can be available with tilt windows and other doors and windows as well. The thermal insulation depends largely on the insulation of the glass. The system is available with double or even triple glazing. Curtain walls are vertical facade closures that are fixed to the structure of buildings - usually to ceilings- and form a light-weight, uninterrupted covering. Standing alone or connected to a building, they have all the functions of a normal wall. The vertical aluminium profile mullion that holds the curtain wall, holds the structure at both ends. Between the mullions of the curtain wall are aluminium profiles (transoms), which are fixed to the vertical profiles (mullions).
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uPVC Windows/Balcony doors Plastic windows are made of high hardness PVC profiles. For increased stability, steel stiffeners run in them and the so-called air chambers provide proper thermal insulation. Another important element of thermal insulation is the two-pieced laminated insulated glass, which can be made according to different ideas. There is a difference between double and triple glazing in terms of sound and thermal insulation. Whether it's a classic or modern home, anyone can find doors and windows that fit their conception. to windows uPVC Doors In addition to the positive qualities of plastic windows, our plastic entrance doors place special emphasis on safety. They are available in aesthetic panel assortments - full, glassy, split - in single and double leaf designs in multiple colors. Plastic doors have excellent thermal insulation, they are airtight and easy to clean. They do not require any surface treatment. The front door separates the interior of your apartment from the outside. Therefore, it is important to choose a door that is properly insulated.
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uPVC Sliding Systems Sliding doors can be the real decor of your home, and thanks to the large surface area you can even have a panoramic view from the inside. We can easily satisfy your unique needs: in addition to the white base color, you can choose from hundreds of colors of doors and windows thanks to the renolit foil wrapping, so you are sure to find the one that suits your style. Sliding doors are the most up-to-date and advanced category of doors and windows, which are nowadays increasingly popular due to the special hardware system and refined mechanical parameters. to sliding systems

Steel Windows/Balcony doors The frames and sashes of steel-framed windows are made of hot- or cold-rolled steel sections and extruded steel sheet sections. They are high strength, low structural thickness, rigid structures. Nowadays, unheated industrial and transport buildings are equipped with cold-rolled, surface-treated steel doors and windows. Rubber profiles are used for both frame-sash connections and glass installation. The frame is open from the wall; the hole is filled with thermal insulation material during installation, thus reducing the effect of the thermal bridge. The biggest advantage of metal windows is that they are not warped, insensitive to moisture with proper corrosion protection, and withstand almost any biological effects. Besides they are durable, easy to clean and require minimal maintenance.
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Steel Doors The material used for steel door panels is galvanized sheet steel, so there is no risk of corrosion or warping, even when used in wet locations or in rooms with different temperatures. A further advantage is that it is highly mechanically resistant. It is not harmed by conditions of use such as changing rooms or public washrooms and toilets. The basic version of the surface is primarily off-white, which can be ordered in any RAL color. to doors

Timber Windows/Balcony doors In addition to being natural, long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing, wood provides excellent ventilation in your home. By installing a wooden window, it solves the window issue for a lifetime, not just for a few years. With its aesthetic modern lines, you can ensure the elegance of your home for many years to come. In the case of wooden doors and windows, the benefits are obvious even to an inexperienced but demanding customer. The unique pattern of each wooden window gives it an individual character. Living in natural materials has a great impact on our general well-being in our daily lives. Thanks to its thermal insulation, you can create a comfortable climate in your home every day of the year.
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Wooden Doors Solid wood entrance doors have many advantages that our customers would love. Their natural material, resulting weight, durable structure and quality workmanship make them reliable, giving them the features a front door needs. The front doors are made of pine with a 5-point security lock. They are primed with multiple painting and polishing, surface treated with Milesi or equivalent water-based glaze to be durable and decorative for many years. to doors Timber Sliding Systems A common feature of sliding doors is that each type uses a special sliding mechanism and is moved on a rail system. They are used where large door openings need to be bridged. It is made of glued laminated pine, oak and possibly other wood species. to sliding systems

Construction depth: 78 mm
Glazing: 6-49 mm
Uf: from 1,60 W/m2K
Fire resistance class: EI15-EI90
Sound insulation: up to 40 dB

Fire doors: EI30 és EI60
Single-leaf door:
up to 1400 mm wide
Double-leaf door:
up to 2500 mm wide
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Slide Full range of our products in one place. We offer windows (plastic, aluminium, wood, steel), doors (plastic, aluminium, wood, steel, interior doors: solid wood, painted MDF, CPL, decor), sliding systems (plastic, aluminium, wood), curtain wall systems (aluminium), blinds (outdoor, indoor) furthermore additional products (mosquito nets, sills/ledges) - in many colors, systems and with some related accessories. The raw materials for all our products are from branded European suppliers (Schüco, Aliplast, Aluprof, Veka, Gealan, Salamander, Umbroll, Somfy). Sliding systems blinds Windows Doors Curtain wall systems Download See for Yourself!

Slide Carefully selected raw materials, many years of experience and our pursuit of perfection allow us to represent the highest standards with our products. Our supply includes not only windows, but also doors, sliding systems, curtain wall systems, interior doors, blinds , mosquito nets and sills/ledges. Our clients from Slovakia and other countries have already trusted our expertise.
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